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Open Prostatectomy

Open prostatectomy

This operation is only appropriate for men with very large prostate or who have bladder stones. The surgeon makes a horizontal incision in the lower abdomen, under general or epidural anaesthetics. The surgeon then removes the central part of the prostate, and the wound closed with sutures or surgical clips. A urethral catheter will be inserted into your bladder during the operation so that urine can drain away. This will be left in place for 3 days after the operation. Hospital stay is 5 days.

Potential complication of open prostatectomy:

  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Reduced fertility, but this does not make you sterile.

Note: For all of these procedures, you should have nothing to eat 6 hours before the operation, but you can drink clear fluids up to 2 hours before your operation.

If you are on anti-coagulation therapy (warfarin and clopidogrel), they should be stopped 3-10 days respectively before your surgery, and speak to your anti-coagulation nurse about it.