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Sexual health

Sexual Health

When you want expert advice and treatment A specialist in sexual health assures you of the best help, whatever the problem

Dedicated to helping men, women and couples, enjoy and care for their sexual health.

Specialists in sexual health know that giving the right treatment and confidential advice means listening with respect and working together to ensure courtesy, care and confidentiality.

Specialist Sexual Health Screening is available every day:

Assurance that everything is OK

We use the most reliable tests to give you the most confident results - much better than guesswork to stay healthy and safe

Sexual health check for men

One urine and one blood test is all we need for a complete DNA fingerprint.

Good for: chlamydia; mycoplasma; gonorrhoea; ureaplasma; non-specific urethritis; trichomonas; syphilis; HIV; hepatitis A.

HPV screening on request.

Sexual health check for women

A gentle swab is taken by your female medical specialist. This checks the natural pH balance in the vagina and is then sent to our laboratory for a series of specialist diagnostic tests.

Good for: candida; bacterial vaginosis; chlamydia; trichomonas vaginalis; ureaplasma; mycoplasma; gonorrhoea.

HPV screening / smear tests on request.

A blood test can screen for syphilis; HIV; and hepatitis..

HPV screening on request.


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